MIKROTIK Bevielio ryšio įranga (CPE) SXTsq Lite60 (RBSXTsq-60ad)

OEM kodas: RBSXTsq-60ad
Kodas: RBSXTsq-60ad
ID: #1584

Skirta naudoti kaip 60GHz CPE „point-to-multipoint“ konfigūracijose jungtims iki 200m su 60G WAP AP, žemos kainos versija

54.06€ su PVM

Kaina be PVM: 44.68€


Produkto savybės:

The SXTsq Lite60 is a new model in our 60 GHz lineup. This is a low cost CPE unit for connecting to a 60 GHz AP, enabling you to build a cost effective point to multipoint setup in the clean 60 GHz wireless spectrum. Connect up to eight of these CPE units to a 60 GHz access point, such as wAP 60G AP.

For links up to 200 meters, this is the best alternative for wireless connections where 2 and 5 GHz wireless space is crowded and unreliable, at a fraction of the cost. Also, it's possible to make point-to-point link with two SXTsq Lite60.

Small, lightweight, compact and very affordable, this is a 60 GHz device like no other before.

Produkto specifikacijos:

Product code: RBSXTsq-60ad
Architecture: MIPSBE
CPU: QCA9531
CPU nominal frequency: 650 MHz
CPU core count: 1
Size of RAM: 64 MB
Storage: 16 MB Flash
10/100 Ethernet ports: 1
Wireless bands: 60 GHz radio
Protocols: 802.11ad
Wireless chip model: AR9344
PoE in: Yes
Supported input voltage: 12 V - 30 V, passive PoE
Number of DC inputs: 1
Dimensions: 129 x 129 x 34 mm
Operating temperature: -40 to 50° C
Operating System: RouterOS (License level 3)
Max Power consumption: 6 W