MIKROTIK CA433U vidinis RB433 serijos dėklas

Kodas: CA433U
ID: #75

RB433“ serijos ir RBM33G vidinis dėklas su angomis pasukamoms antenoms ir USB anga (CA433U)

17.90€ su PVM

Kaina be PVM: 14.79€


Produkto savybės:

CA433U Indoor Case for RB433 series routerboards: RB433, RB433L, RB433UL, RB433AH, RB433GL and RBM33G

Produkto specifikacijos:

Indoor case (3 holes for Nfemale Bulkhead connectors or Swivel antennas and hole for USB). This new revision is slightly higher, to fit more miniPCI card models. Ships with different faceplate stickers, to match used ports. 

Fits RB433 series products and RBM33G.

Product code: CA433U
Color: Black
Material: Aluminium
Purpose: Indoor