EXTRALINK 16 Core Fiber Optic Terminal Box POLA (EL-FO-TB-16-BL)

Kodas: EL-FO-TB-16-BL
ID: #1737

Terminal box for professional installations, 1x input 10~17.5mm, 2x output 8~17.5mm, 16x output <4mm, IP68


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Produkto savybės:

Box is designed to seal without screws. The compact size and flip-over cover bring easy operation as well as complete function. The splice trays are jointed with a hinge at one side, which makes the operation in each tray easier. It is designed to prevent from operation damage.

Produkto specifikacijos:

Dimensions (mm): 380x245x130
Max.capacity (single fiber): 16
Weight (kg): 4.2
Sealing type: mechanical

Cable ports:
   1 input cable port for un-cut cable (10~17.5mm)
   2 output  cable ports (8~17.5mm)
   16 output cable ports (<4mm)

Single splice tray capacity(Single fiber): 16
Splice tray quantity: 2 pcs

Environment temperature: -40C ~ +65C
Optical performance: No significant additional attenuation
Rated IP68 under IEC standard 60529