Kodas: JR-300
ID: #325

Outdoor ENCLOSURE, 350x380x140mm designed to connect to JIROUS ANT58-29DISH (JRC-29) and JRC-24 antennas also all DupiEX Jirous models

28.07€ su PVM

Kaina be PVM: 23.20€


Produkto savybės:

* GentleBOX is complet and perfect outdoor box for AP. RouterBOARD and other electronics
* GentleBOX is mounting ready for parabola antenna
* With GentleBOX you can forget measuring and drilling! Everything is prepared
* With GentleBOX you can forget seeking for cable bush and assembling material! Everthing is enclosed. You will require 1 flat and 2 (PH1 and PH2) cross-shaped screwdrivers and spanner "10"
* In GentleBOX welts and holes are prepared for easy instalation of RouterBOARD or other electronics including screws and plastic piers
* Simplified mounting RB411 series, RB711 series, RB433 series, RB493 series, RB800, Alix2, Alix3, Compex, Wispstation, Routerstations and etc.

Produkto specifikacijos:

# Lose-free bayonet locks for easy closure
# Silicone mastic for sealing passage of antenna waveguide - 1 pcs
# Cable glads Pg11 for cable ø 4 - 10 mm, extra blue quality - 1 pcs
# Cable glads M20 for cable ø 4 - 10 mm, ready for way through RJ45 - 1 pcs
# Screws for attachment of electronics + plastic piers 8+8 pcs
# Easy to use self-holding plastic piers