MIKROTIK ±48V Open frame Power supply with 12V 7A output (PW48V-12V85W)

OEM kodas: PW48V-12V85W
Kodas: PW48V-12V85W
ID: #2287

Designed for new r2 CCR revisions

39.11€ su PVM

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Produkto savybės:

±48 V DC telecom Open Frame Power supply with 12 V 7 A output, for use with new “r2” revision of Cloud Core Routers or the new CRS326-24S+2Q+RM. Simply remove one of the current power supplies and replace with the new PW48V-12V85W for ±48 V installations.

Although made specifically for -48V telecom power, the supported input range is from 36V to 57V. Note: To use, positive terminal must be 36 to 57V higher potential than negative terminal (eg. if negative terminal is -48 V, the positive must be -12 to +9 V).

Produkto specifikacijos:

Product code PW48V-12V85W
Input ±48V, 3A
Output 12V, 7A
Tested ambient temperature -20...+60C
Dimensions 118 x 52 mm