Kodas: QMP-LHG
ID: #1060

MIKROTIK quickMOUNT PRO LHG, skirtas LHG antenoms, reguliuojamas horizontaliai ir vertikaliai, patvari medžiaga - anvilNITE

5.05€ su PVM

Kaina be PVM: 4.17€


Produkto savybės:

The quickMOUNT pro is a advanced wall or pole mount adapter for small point to point and sector antennas.
The quickMOUNT pro gives possibility to turn antenna within 140° both in horizontal and vertical plane. With the quickMOUNT pro it is possible to perfectly set antenna alignment using integrated graduated scale.
• It’s simple and low cost
• Adjustable horizontally and vertically
• Wall or pole mountable
• Two models available, one for SXT, OmniTIK, BaseBox or any other pole mountable device via the included adapter. A special model is also available for LHG
The quickMOUNT is very durable due to it’s special plastic composite material - anvilNITE (TM).

Produkto specifikacijos:

Dimensions 95x88x112mm
Tube diameter 35 mm
Max tube diameter to which mount
can be attached 65 mm
Maximum antenna weight 1.5 kg
Maximum wind load 100 N
Turn angle for MikroTik products 140°
Compatible devices QMP-LHG: LHG 5
Material anvilNITE™