Ubiquiti FC-SM-300 Single-Mode (Six-Strand) LC Fiber Cable 300ft, 100m

Kodas: FC-SM-300
ID: #1264

UBIQUITI FC-SM-300 Single-Mode LC Fiber Cable, 300ft or 100m length, Six-Strand, 6 prefabricated LC connectors on each side, Outdoor-Rated Jacket with Ripcord

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Produkto savybės:

Build your outdoor fiber network using our FiberCable. Lightweight and flexible, FiberCable is ideal for tower deployments of our outdoor routing and switching products, such as EdgePoint. Available in 100, 200, and 300 ft lengths, (30, 60 and 100 meters lengths).

FC-SM-300 is a 100-meter, 300feet, outdoor single mode fiber optic cable 6 prefabricated LC connectors on each side.

Produkto specifikacijos:

• Outdoor-Rated Jacket with Ripcord
• Integrated Weatherproof Tape
• Kevlar Yarn for Added Tensile Strength
• Outer Diameter of Cable: 6.0 ± 0.2 mm
• Six-Strand Single-Mode (G.657.A2)
• 6 prefabricated LC connectors on each side
• Outer Diameter of Fiber Strand: 0.25 mm Nominal
• Insertion Loss
• 1310 nm: ≤0.5 dB/km
• 1550 nm: ≤0.5 dB/km

Fiber cable length 300ft, about 100meters